Your Free Personalized Seminar

Learn first hand about FisherCast Limited's processes and materials.

FisherCast Global offers a series of seminars to help your design engineers and project management teams understand our innovative methods and techniques, and the materials we use to produce your components and assemblies.

  • Our "Think Zinc" seminar discusses the features and benefits of the family of zinc alloys available for producing your die cast components.
  • Our "Imagine Magnesium" seminar provides information on the qualities of this alloy for casting your components in the hot chamber die casting process.
  • Our "IMA" seminar shows how FisherCast Global's die casting technology cuts the cost and improves the quality of your multiple component assemblies.

Because each seminar is conducted on site, the seminars are tailored to your specific production requirements. We use a solutions-oriented, multimedia presentation to show how to maximize performance of your component, and an Application Engineering Specialist details the benefits of the FisherCast Global process as they relate your application.

The best time to hold a FisherCast Global seminar is at the initial design stage of your project. We can help you take advantage of unique, cost saving design features such as part consolidation, weight reduction, thinner wall sections and more.

To arrange for your seminar, simply complete our information request form.