Die Cast Component Solutions

FisherCast Limited's proprietary hot chamber die casting technology has distinct advantages over other component production methods. First of all, we design and build our own die casting tools and machines to exacting precision. Secondly, our process offers close tolerance solutions in both zinc and magnesium alloys.

Flash-free, net shape

FisherCast Limited tools are maintained to close and form a tight seal around the cavity because the pieces making up the die cast tool are assembled to tolerances of 0.0025 mm (.0001") This remarkable precision produces a ready-to-use component with no secondary trimming or deburring.

Close tolerances

Close tolerance precision of the die cast tool ensures close tolerance components.

Complex shapes and intricate detail

Unique FisherCast Limited tool design includes:
  • a center gating technique distributes alloy uniformly to the outside of the component.
  • six-action tooling provides intricate detail, unattainable by any other single manufacturing process.
  • rotating cores form high precision internal threads.
Part-to-part consistency

Precision tooling combined with our proprietary die casting machines ensures infinite repeatability.

Unique Die Casting

FisherCast Limited tooling can handle precision components that stump other die casters. FisherCast Limited has developed die cast tooling for small zinc components capable of moving internal slides (which form component features) in up to six directions. The ability to form one or more component features on all six faces of a cube gives design and manufacturing engineers a unique source for small intricate components requiring multiple features and complex geometries that four-slide die casters cannot make.