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FisherCast Limited

FisherCast Limited's strength is the ability to leverage our die casting expertise into innovative solutions to your small component challenges. The result is better components at a lower cost.

Using machines exclusively designed and built internally, FisherCast Limited manufactures flash-free, high-precision; small die cast components and small component assemblies for hundreds of applications.

Encompassing an international market of OEMs, these applications include automotive vehicles, industrial controls, appliances, electronic components, power tools, hardware, computers and much more.

Convert & Save

Save up to 70% with FisherCast

Our leading-edge technology can deliver better components at lower cost. You could save up to 70% by switching to FisherCast Global's unique die casting process from your current small component production method. Find out how much converting to our unique die casting process can save you compared to your existing process.
Unique Assembly Solutions

IMA Technology reduces costs

For over 60 years, we've been building a proven reputation using our Injected Metal Assembly (IMA) technology in hundreds of assembly and joining applications worldwide. Our unique IMA technology takes small component joining and assembly production problems off your hands and reduces manufacturing costs.

Comparative chart for cast, molded & machined materials

For a quick comparison of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of materials that can be cast, molded or machined for small component production, request FisherCast Limited's new chart Composition and Properties of Zinc Alloys and Comparative Data for Other Materials.

The two-page chart lists comparative data for the family of Zinc Alloys used in hot chamber die casting, Magnesium, Aluminum, Plastics, Brass, Powdered Metal and Mild Steel. Comparative Data on Mechanical Properties include tensile, yield, shear, impact and fatigue strengths, plus hardness.

Comparative Data on Physical Properties include density, and thermal and electrical conductivity. The composition of Zinc Alloys and Magnesium AZ-91D is also listed.

Request a free copy of FisherCast Limited's Composition and Properties Chart. Or download the chart as a PDF (227KB).

Our new brochure, Shaped by Innovation, details how our drive to solve your toughest small component and assembly problems creates innovative processes that give you a competitive advantage. Download the brochure as a PDF (2.23MB).

About FisherCast Limited

FisherCast Limited is a world leader in the design and production of high precision, cost effective, zinc and magnesium alloy die cast components and die cast component assemblies. For over 60 years, FisherCast Limited's unique die casting technology has provided innovative solutions for small and medium sized component applications.

With production facilities in North America and the United Kingdom, FisherCast Limited serves a global list of OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Tier I and Tier II customers in the automotive, telecommunication, industrial control, appliance, power tool, hardware, electronic, medical and defense industries.

FisherCast Limited's die cast technology is unique. A proprietary, hot chamber process enables us to produce hundreds of millions of components annually that are accurate, economical, strong and durable. These components often outperform those made from more expensive materials.

Exclusively designed by FisherCast Limited, our die casting machines produce extremely complex components with close tolerances and part-to-part consistency. FisherCast Global's die cast tooling, designed and maintained flash-free for the life of the program, produces net shape components that need no costly trimming or deburring operations. This results in a consistent component from the first to the millionth.

FisherCast Limited also specializes in helping manufacturers develop small component assembly solutions with our innovative Injected Metal Assembly™ (IMA™) process. It produces strong, accurate and economical small component assemblies with precise part-to-part consistency. The process has been used in thousands of applications, achieving valuable production improvements and cost reductions.