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photo of die cast components

Member of the North American
Die Casting Association and
Canadian Die Casters Association

FisherCast:  Flash-free precision die cast components

FisherCast's proprietary hot chamber die casting technology has distinct advantages over other component production methods:

  • we design and build our die casting tools and machines to exacting precision
  • our process offers close tolerance solutions in both zinc and magnesium alloys
  • our six-action tooling provides intricate detail, unattainable by any other single manufacturing process
  • we monitor and analyze the production process to attain zero-defect production

Various surface finishes can be applied to increase corrosion resistance, provide aesthetic appeal, or improve the mechanical properties of the components. These finishes include a unique in-house process, FisherCote III: a bright, non-corrosive solution developed to meet new environmental regulations for the automotive industry.

FisherCast offers extensive technical and creative design assistance to your project management team, from initial project concept through to the completed application design. Find out how Finite Element Analysis, flow modeling, engineering software, prototyping, and top quality standards can benefit you.