IMA Machines

Injected Metal assembly solutions

FisherTech's unique Injected Metal Assembly (IMA™) technology takes small component joining and assembly production problems off your hands and reduces manufacturing costs.

If you are currently assembling two or more components using adhesive bonding, brazing, swaging, press fitting, riveting or other joining processes, FisherTech's IMA process has the potential for eliminating quality and cost issues inherent in these traditional multi-step assembly processes. Precision tooling combined with metal alloys are used to join multiple components into a ready-to-use assembly in a single operation. Two or more components of virtually any shape can be joined. Plus, the alloy is often used to cast one or more of the individual components during the joining process to eliminate fabrications, material costs and inventory.

For over 60 years, we've been building a proven reputation using our Injected Metal Assembly technology in hundreds of assembly and joining applications worldwide.

Your assembly is an ideal candidate for Die Cast Assembly if:

  • a shape or feature formed as part of the die cast assembly joint can replace a pre-manufactured component.
  • assembly dimensions have tight tolerances.
  • several components must be positioned in relation to one another, particularly if they are currently joined by multiple operations.

Joining diverse materials

Small components of just about any type of material can be joined by the IMA process:

  • metals
  • ceramics
  • glass
  • fibers
  • paper
  • elastomers
  • plastics

A major benefit of the process is that functional components made from one of these materials are quite often eliminated by die casting them during the assembly process. For example, pinion gears can be cast in position as a gear and shaft are locked together by the alloy joint.

Key Benefits of the IMA Process

The Injected Metal Assembly process is a reliable, one-step manufacturing solution that delivers a finished, ready-to-use assembly. As a result, you can realize a dramatic savings of both time and money, combined with improved assembly performance.

Reduces costs

  • replace expensive materials
  • produce functional features while assembling
  • eliminate secondary operations
  • increase productivity
  • reduces waste

Ensures assembly accuracy and strength

  • part-to-part consistency over long production runs
  • tolerances of ±0.05 mm (±.002")
  • creates a strong mechanical lock to withstand high loads
  • meets or exceeds automotive quality standards

To learn more about FisherTech's IMA technology, download our brochures
Injected Metal Assembly -- Better Joining and Assembly Solutions (2.47MB PDF) and Better Assembly Solutions at Lower Cost (847K PDF).